Weather and Government

How interesting to read that “Extreme weather demands climate action”. It almost tore my heart out. But I have to ask who are they demanding action from? Congress? I asked before and I will ask again, does anyone actually think Congress can fix the weather? Congress couldn’t successfully open an umbrella in a rainstorm. I”m sure the private sector controls the thermostat in the capital building because if Republicans tried to turn up the heat or AC it would be racist. They would play “political ping pong” until they froze to death or died of heatstroke. And then they would blame the deaths on the other party.  Congress is 110% corrupt and incompetent. 

The article had a long list of fires as examples. Logging and grazing are the best fire prevention but the climate crowd thinks four-legged lawn mowers are causing the crisis. I’m regularly in places with so much down timber a horse can’t travel but don’t you dare cut a load of firewood without paying the government. And cutting corral poles or fence stays is out of the question. It isn’t the climate creating the fire hazard. 

The most ridiculous part is how the climate elites leave the biggest carbon footprints. They write big checks for carbon offsets hoping nobody will notice their hypocrisy. It makes about as much sense as Bill Cosby buying sexual assault offsets or the Unibomber buying mass murder offsets. 

Jim Bagwell

Manassa, CO