Web site scams and fights

Donovan’s 1969 song, To Susan on the West Coast Waiting (https://youtu.be/oNxpI9ZwYFs), rings an aha moment for me.

I mean, who knew that LYSOLSALES.com would be such an instant scam?  Or who knew that I’d still be waiting for my package even after notices said it was delivered with a proof of delivery!!!  I ordered $50 worth in Lysol disinfectant spray, wipes, and cleaning solutions because with $50 comes FREE shipping. Yes, the price was bumped up a little but not by 20x or 60x.  Although it still qualifies as price gouging, I thought this is a good bet to get the Lysol product I’ve been scouring the shelves of Safeway and City Market and Walmart for.  At the same time, I recognize in the light of Covid19 that finding these at a “reasonable” price, although not original pricing, was as good as I could get the product right now.

For instance, on AMAZON, a 12.5 ounce can of disinfectant spray costs $14.99. From what I remember of the long-ago shopping excursion to Safeway or Walmart, that’s a good $10 above original price. Even then, if you select the item, Amazon alerts that it is out of stock or no longer available.

Following the middle of the night order and payment through PayPal to LYSOLSALES.COM, I woke and busied myself with feeding the fixed cats in my colony, thanks to Cats! Alive SLV. (BTW- Cats Alive SLV needs your monetary donations for trap-neuter-release programs.)  I dropped towels into the clothes washer, then moved them to the dryer when they completed the soaking and washing cycles. I edited poetry for my book about Alzheimer’s. Later after lunch, I watched a FED EX truck deliver to a neighbor; and I wondered when my order would come.

It’s always easy for me to see the mail come or delivery trucks like FED EX or UPS because I keep my curtains open in the front big window.  I felt a lot like Donovan in 1969 when he sang: To Susan on the West Coast waiting, From Andy in Vietnam fighting. Besides, I’m my own neighborhood watch program. I can see the neighbors arriving and leaving for work; plus, I have a built-in alarm system with my dog alerting to movements by neighbors, pinecones and squirrels.

Checking my email, I notice an update.  PayPal sent a notice that my Lysol package was shipped; checking the update and tracking the number, I see the notice reads: DELIVERED.

Delivered? I promptly check the front walk and porch. Nope. No package there. None stacked by the gate either or my car or even the trash bin. I thought back to the early afternoon delivery to my neighbor and that package was obviously too small and flimsy for the contents to be my package. So, my Lysol wasn’t delivered to them. My other neighbors, if they had accepted delivery, would have walked it over to me by now.

The PROOF OF DELIVERY was signed, the UPS site showed, by Pepper and that the package was delivered to the “FRONT OFFICE.”  Where the heck is that? Who the heck is PEPPER?

As I looked closer at the delivery information, I discover they don’t even have my address on the delivery slip. How the heck is a package delivered when there is no delivery address. I see a conflict brewing.

I’m thinking these are all the clues that the website is a knuckle-sandwich scam and all the more reason for me to finish my fight with complaints and reports to PayPal, UPS and the Colorado Attorney General while I listen again to Donovan: To Susan on the West Coast waiting, From Andy in Vietnam fighting.