Will Act for Change presents Breaking the Silence After

ALAMOSA—In one year on average 112,695 people in America are shot by guns.

Since 1970, more Americans have died from guns, including suicide, than died in all the wars in U.S. history dating back to the American Revolution.

Will Act for Change will present Breaking the Silence After: The Gun Violence Plays at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 1, in the Adams State University Main Stage Theatre.

The hour long performance features eight short plays about gun violence and American Society. The performance is free to the public with no tickets needed. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Will Act for Change is a student acting company dedicated to using theatre to create social change. Its work is part of the Theatre and Social Change course taught by Dr. John Taylor, Adams State professor of theatre.

Will Act for Change’s mission statement reads: "We are a social protest theatre company whose mission is to provoke change by challenging the status quo. Through the power of performance, we seek to encourage our audience to join with us as we promote social justice for all."

“As part of the course curriculum, students create theatre that focuses on a problem or social issue in society. This semester we have examined the issue of gun violence. It’s a complex social and political issue,” said Taylor. “It is a topic that we, as a society, have avoided addressing. These eight short plays approach the subject from multiple perspectives using pathos, humor, and discourse to break through the silence surrounding this critical issue. It will be an entertaining and thoughtful evening of theatre.”

Breaking the Silence After: The Gun Violence Plays is partly funded by the Teri McCartney Faculty award in the Creative Arts. For more information about Will Act for Change, search Will for Change: Adams State Theatre and Social Change on Facebook.