Wilson ready to be a leader for change

Emily Wilson stands in front of the Washington Monument. She recently attended the Washington Leadership Conference.

ALAMOSA– Emily Wilson is ready to make a difference in her community.

As an active student at Alamosa High School and president of the AHS FFA Chapter, Wilson recently visited Washington, D.C., where she attended the Washington Leadership Conference. The event lasts for an entire week and is the final portion of the FFA leadership training continuum.

Wilson has been quick to acknowledge that service and advocacy were two of the central themes of the event. During her time in Washington, she spent time learning about different ways that she can be a positive force for change.

Wilson also had the opportunity to visit numerous sites across the nation’s capital such as Arlington National Cemetary, the monuments, and the National Holocaust Museum.  She further noted that she left the event inspired to find ways that she can be an advocate for making her community. Wilson is now looking to start a campaign to help the homeless of the Valley that she is calling “Notice for Homeless.” 

In an announcement via social media, Wilson shared: “I cannot put into words how incredibly thankful I am to have such a life-changing experience at the Washington Leadership Conference. Throughout this week, I have become aware of what it means to be an engaged citizen in my community. In understanding my strengths and passions, I have discovered my purpose in this world, to make a difference.

“Somewhere inside all of us is the power to make a difference. I choose to make a difference in the lives of the homeless. Living to serve is a choice, and I choose to impact the lives of others in the movement ‘Notice for Homeless.’ This need has devoured my community, causing an overwhelming population of homeless humans and animals. Through actions of service and the engagement of members in my community, we can make a change.

“In understanding the importance of diversity, recognizing the different forms of advocacy, and respecting the opinions and beliefs that are different from my own, I know I can initiate a step towards a positive change in my community. I know I can commit to advocating for a need. I know the long road of work and dedication ahead, but I also know that a movement begins with just one step. This isn’t going only to take one sign, one word, one moment, it’s going to be something that I dedicate my life to, service. I am choosing to do what I can, with what I have, where I am.

“If you would like to help with my movement and serve our community, please contact me. Stay tuned for future “Notice for Homeless” service opportunities.’

Wilson hopes to begin her new initiative by establishing one service project per month, such as making blankets or distributing meals.  She plans to encourage her peers as well as younger students to join her. Her goal is to see the movement grow to where an impact can be seen. Wilson is readily willing to address a need in the area. She expressed optimism and excitement about the possibilities that are ahead.


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