Youth lead out in San Luis walking experience

SAN LUIS — Walk2Connect partners up with youth leaders and groups around the Valley to connect with the community and tell the history and culture of the area.

Walk2Connect is partnered with a local organization, Move Mountains, who held their first official walk on July 14.

Walk2Connect creates opportunities and environments where people can come together and feel connected, safe, respected and inspired. They help individuals and groups stay active and engaged not only as walkers but also as advocates who give back to their communities.

Lindsey Sandoval, a youth leader and a captain of some of the walks, said she grew up in Antonito and wanted to get involved.

“I know in Antonito we don’t have very much to do there so for me it was exciting to see they wanted to do one there,” Sandoval said.

Sandoval said there are youth leaders in San Luis and Antonito who lead the walks.

Move Mountains is an organization for the youth in the city to get connected and grow in different ways.

Shirley Otero, organizer of Move Mountains, said this is something the group has always wanted to do.

“We see some real changes and growth, especially in academics and involvement,” Otero said.

In each walk, there is a number one leader who leads the walks and gives information about the town and culture.

The leaders of the San Luis walk on Saturday gave the history of the water ditch in the city, the history of buildings, murals that hold meaning and other significant locations.

Those who are interested in participating in one of these walks can find more information at

Kristin Hicks is an intern at The Valley Courier.

Caption: Participants wait for instructions from youth leaders during Saturday's walk in San Luis./Courier photos by Kristin Hicks