Alamosa Commissioners recognize Magee III with a special proclamation

Alfred "Pete" Magee III

Land Use Director Hubler named a Colorado Solar and Storage Association Champion

ALAMOSA — At the regular meeting of the Alamosa County Board of County Commissioners on July 12, a proclamation recognizing the many decades of service that Alfred "Pete" Magee III provided to the community was read by Alamosa County Land Use Director Richard Hubler and County Administrator Roni Wisdom.

County Commissioner Lori Lakse (District 1) noted the importance of the proclamation and that it is rare for the county to proclaim an individual.

"When we have an individual who has assisted the county for the greater good for so long, I do see that it is fitting that we do this," said Laske.

The proclamation included Magee's contributions to advancing GIS (Geographic Information System) technology to the San Luis Valley, his contributions to Society Hall, the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust, and many other civic engagements. Magee passed away on May 15.

Hubler was congratulated by commissioners for being recognized by the Colorado Solar and Storage Association as a "Champion," for his renewable energy vision and planning. According to the association, "The democratic process is built upon individual citizens showing up and advocating for their interests and that includes planning for a clean energy future. Hubler attended multiple SolarAPP+ hearings this legislative session to share how this new program would make residential solar easier for his constituents and lower costs and burden on his overworked staff.

“His forward-thinking approach to renewable energy has an immediate positive impact by simplifying permitting and removing one of the most significant barriers to adopting on-site solar."

"Richard, thank you for this, being recognized by an outside organization is really special," said Laske.

Commissioner Vern Heersink (District 3) noted the distinction of the recognition by the association, adding that Hubler is "the one person in the state for that award."

Marci Felix, Alamosa County Clerk and Recorder gave a brief update on election equipment.

"Our lease with Dominion [Dominion Voting Systems Inc.] will be up in a year, they are working with counties to upgrade systems,” she said. “They are proposing if we go in and renew our lease with them...they gave me a proposal for all the equipment, it was going to be $27,000 for all the equipment. Right now, we are at $21,000 yearly. They are trying to get everything done this year.”

Felix said the county has a lease with Dominion for at least a year and that the county had been with them "for a while." Felix added the contracts with Dominion are between 6 and 8 years.

Laske said the county had always been with Dominion as they are certified by the state. Laske asked that Felix contact the Secretary of State, "and clarify what the process is and what vendors we can look at or how that is regulated by the Secretary of State, or if that is a decision by the county, I have a little ambiguity there."

Laske added that she has concerns with the longevity of the 6- to 8-year contract.

Felix later said, "The state doesn't make us use this company, Dominion. I think is another, honestly, two more companies that we could go to."

County Assessor Sandra Hostetter gave an update on the county audit and reported it was going well and the auditors have found no compliance issues to date, and "that's a huge relief...this is always good when we can pass the audit."

Hostetter reported that the county audit has always been up to standard and has never been in a state of non-compliance with the audit.

The taxable value of the county said Hostetter is $184, 532,918. The 2023 state-assessed value will be available in August.

Laske asked where the tax-exempt property is on the tax rolls. Hostetter cited them and Lakse clarified there are $91 million of tax-exempt property. Emphasizing the county support of nonprofits, Laske said, "I just think it is important for the public to know in our community how much is being supported of our nonprofits [tax exempt] and we are engaged with that community and there is that support."

Hostetter said that all the schools, the university, and the college are included in the tax-exempt rolls.