Alamosa takes first step toward making ‘Rolling Coal’ a municipal offense

ALAMOSA — A unanimous vote on Wednesday 9/15 passed the first reading of Ordinance 17-2021 to adopt a prohibition on the practice of ‘Rolling Coal’.

Rolling Coal is a practice among diesel owners where a modification is made to send more fuel to the engine forcing the vehicle to belch large soot clouds from the exhaust.

The first passage of the ordinance targets vehicles 14,000 pounds or less and states they “shall not engage in a nuisance exhibition of motor vehicle exhaust, which is the knowing release of soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions.”

As the wording already exists in the Colorado Revised Statues, What could be the new city ordinance seeks to mirror the state statute exactly. Where it would differ would be the phrasing

“nuisance or” such that the final phrase in section (a) reads “creates a NUISANCE OR hazard to a driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian.”

The addition of the ordinance would also mean that such offenses would be prosecutable in Municipal Court.

There is little question that the billowy exhaust can create a visual hazard on roads. Alamosa City Staff felt what could be just as problematic is the thick plumes of soot have also become a signal of dissonance between drivers as well as drivers and pedestrians

Down Councilor Michael Carson in Wednesday’s meeting, City Council passed the first reading of prospective 17-2021 by a 6-0 margin.

The second reading of the ‘Rolling Coal’ Prohibition has been set for Wednesday 9/6.

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