City Council hears updated Rio Bravo proposals

ALAMOSA — The Alamosa City Council heard the latest updates from the developers of the proposed RV resort Rio Bravo, as well as positive and negative comments from the crowded audience in a special meeting held Wednesday evening.

A little more than a month ago, the council first heard of the proposal of the RV resort being built in the area near the Catttails Golf Course. At first, developers were looking to host a 500-site resort using 35 acres of city property, combined with 30 acres of privately owned land.

Wednesday evening, Alamosa Architect Don Spencer, one of the partners of the project, went over the details of the project and outlined some of the changes that have been made to the plan. The site would now only have 325 spaces, with 200 sites being built on city ranch property during the first phase, while the other 125 sites would be built on the private property during the second phase. In addition, there would be the development of 79 residential lots.

The resort itself would primarily be a membership-based resort that would be a franchise location of the company Coast to Coast RV Resorts, and include amenities such as swimming pools, laundry facilities and recreational spaces.

“We feel we fit right in there with economic needs,” said Spencer.

The presentation included a shifted land proposal closer to North River Road, relocating Independent Ditch to create more space between the resort park and the archery range. The presentation also indicated that the resort would eliminate RV sites next to the dike and trail, and provide 200-300 feet of space between the park and the trail. The road going to the disc golf course would be paved, and 16 lots would be left in their natural state.

After the presentation, the public was allowed to come up and give its comment, and more than two dozen residents approached the podium to give their thoughts. Their concerns ranged from traffic issues to the future of the resort.

“Since I have been here, I have seen the traffic increase phenomenally,” said resident Trish Cunningham. “I’m pretty heartbroken about it myself.”

But there were some that favored the proposal of an RV resort.

“From an economic standpoint, it has tremendous opportunity,” said resident Lyle Hood.

Near the end of the public comment portion of the meeting, another proposal was put forward by David Montgomery and a group of people who had formed a committee to look at other potential options to the current proposed location of the park.

One option looked at a location on the north side of North River Road near Splashland. Another option would be to move the second phase of the resort north of the first phase, instead of south.

“This is a ‘community-at-large’ decision,” said Montgomery.

The presentation and public comment led into the city council discussion on the proposal.

“Have you seen this proposal?” Councilor Kristina Daniel asked the developers.

“We have seen a proposal,” Spencer replied. “We’re open to compromise. We still have to look at appraisals; that has yet to be done.” He indicated that if it were dollar-for-dollar, they would be open to further the discussion.

After a few more questions from the council, it decided to move the discussion into an executive session.

“This should not send the message that this is a done deal,” said City Manager Heather Brooks. “It’s where we can start seeing where certain concerns are.”