COVID-19 Public health update

COVID-19 Public health update

SAN LUIS VALLEY - We want to start today with a message from Governor Polis: “I’m going to say this again and again: This is not a vacation; it’s a pandemic. Stay home unless absolutely necessary. There are still an alarming number of people traveling to our mountain and rural communities, putting themselves and others at risk. Whether you’re a second homeowner or weekend warrior, please stay home.”

Testing supplies are extremely limited at this time, so not all who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be tested. For those who experience mild symptoms, testing does not change the treatment. Those experiencing mild symptoms can care for themselves at home as they would for a regular cold while following isolation instructions below.

The statewide stay-at-home order is for everyone, all the time, except for brief essential activities like getting groceries or performing work that has been deemed as essential. Isolation and quarantine go beyond that.

Isolation can be done at home or, in the worst cases, in the hospital. It is important for those who experience mild symptoms to do the right thing and self-isolate at home until you are fever-free for 72 hours without medication and it’s been 7 days since the onset of symptoms and your symptoms have improved. During this self-isolation period, do not leave your home for any reason except to get emergency medical care. As much as possible, separate yourself from household members. Some patients will experience worsening symptoms, becoming sick enough to require hospitalization.

Quarantine is for those who have had close contact with someone who is sick. If you have been exposed, you may transmit the COVID-19 virus to others before you develop symptoms, which could take up to 14 days. If you have been exposed, you must stay home for 14 days while you see if symptoms develop. Do not leave your home except to receive medical care as instructed by your doctor. Arrange for someone else to deliver your groceries to your doorstep; do not go to work or out into the community for any reason during your quarantine period.

If you have felt ill since March 1st, please complete our SLV Symptom Tracker Survey at to help us get a better understanding of what is happening in our community. The survey is anonymous. Though it will help us track the spread, it will not help us answer the question of how many people have recovered from COVID-19 here in the SLV. There have been no new positive cases of COVID-19 identified today. The San Luis Valley still stands at 17 positive cases Rio Grande 5, Alamosa 4, Costilla 3, Saguache 3 and Mineral 2 confirmed by both testing as well as diagnosis. Local numbers are updated daily at

The best thing everyone else can do is to follow the state and local public health orders to stay at home. Businesses and health care workers are making some serious sacrifices during this pandemic. Let us as a community make sure that those sacrifices have not been in vain. Continue to stay at home as much as possible, without visitors, even if you feel fine. Because the truth is with this virus, sometimes people can transmit it to others before they even know they have it.

In this troubled time, it is also important for those with more than they need to remember our local food banks. The Food Bank Network of the SLV is accepting donations of food and household or personal supplies to be distributed across the valley. To make a cash donation, send a check to Food Bank Network SLV, 513 6th St. Alamosa CO 81101. Your donation can be designated for a particular food bank community (on your check).

As always, we are working diligently to minimize the impact of COVID on our community! Stay home, Stay Safe, and we will get through this together, one step at a time!

SLV COVID general questions 719-480-8719 for English, or 719-315-5019 for Spanish. You may also email your questions to [email protected].

CO HELP line 1-877-462-2911 (English and Spanish) for Colorado general information.

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