Dancers from Brigham Young University delight Alamosa audience

Courier photo by John Waters Dancers from Brigham Young University perform a Romanian folk dance at Plachy Hall on the campus of Adams State University in Alamosa on Feb. 16.

ALAMOSA — The Brigham Young University Department of Dance International Folk Dance Ensemble (IFDE) and Mountain Strings presented a whirlwind dance and music production on Feb. 16 at Adams State University.

The production, Journey: Reflections, was a 90-minute voyage of dance and music that explored the world's cultures. According to the performance program, "Journey: Reflections, invites all to look back and reflect on the path that has shaped us into who we are today and to find unity in differences. Despite their diverse appearances, the dances exemplify how we all have the same human experiences."

Jeanette Geslison, who leads the dance group, told the BYU publication the Daily Universe in an interview that the show is about "reflecting on the differences and similarities we celebrate through the cultural variety that exists in the world. The similarities in our value systems, our traditions, and our beliefs."

Geslison added that this production invites everyone in attendance to reflect on the role that culture can and has played in their own lives.

To honor the cultures the troupe is representing on stage, costumes are either bought in their native countries or sourced with local fabric.

With perfectly executed dance routines from Romania, England, Wales, Ireland, Mexico, and India, the audience at ASU's Plachy Hall experienced that cultural variety on Thursday evening through the ensemble's furious footwork.

Since 1956, the dancers of the IFDE have performed throughout the United States and in over 29 countries.