Emergency services dispatch employees celebrated

Courtesy photo Left to right, Commissioner Vern Heersink, Commissioner Van Ry, Melanie Teem, Dispatcher, Sean Garcia, Dispatcher, Cameron Decker, Communication Director Sandra Youngs, Communication Supervisor, Commissioner Lori Laske, Reyna Martinez — SLV RETAC coordinator.

USA — April 14-21 is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, also known as Dispatch Week.

On April 10, Alamosa County Commissioners presented a proclamation to local Colorado State Patrol Dispatchers. The team is unique as they are one of the few in Colorado that dispatch for EMS, law enforcement and fire departments. They dispatch for six counties and multiple agencies of first responders. This was the first time this team has been recognized locally.

Our Dispatchers are our lifeline!  

They are our eyes in the dark, our calm voices during a storm, the first and last voice we hear during a 911 call, and our guardians who watch over our heroes.

Just because they do not respond on scene doesn’t mean they don’t feel the pain when hearing the cries, the fear when hearing the screams and the joy when a life is saved.

Our dispatchers are part of our first responder family, uniting as one team with one mission in mind; to protect and service our community. Without them, we would be lost.