Family escapes house fire Tuesday

Alamosa firefighters battle an apparent chimney fire Tuesday night at 327 Edison. A passerby alerted the residents of the fire and they able to escape unharmed. Courier photo by Keith R. Cerny

ALAMOSA­– A passerby alerted a local family that their home was on fire about 8 p.m. Tuesday after noticing smoke pouring from the roof.

The occupants of 327 Edison, at the corner of Fourth and Edison, were able to escape unharmed according to Captain Zach Cerny of the Alamosa Fire Department (AFD). The fire is believed to have originated in a wood stove chimney with most of the damage contained to the attic.

The home suffered significant water damage after firefighters fought the blaze from both the outside and inside, Cerny said, but he believes the house is repairable.

Thirteen firefighters from the AFD, with assistance by five firefighters from the Monte Vista department and one officer with the Division of Fire Prevention and Control were on scene for about 90 minutes.

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