Women firefighters saluted by South Fork

Back Row, left to right: Brittany Off, Shannon Goldsberry. Middle: Melanie Dickey, Linette Nye Schmidt, Courtney Junda. Front: Juda Filippi, Brantlee Webster, Aimee Blackmon.

SOUTH FORK– March is Women’s History Month and South Fork Fire Rescue would like to recognize the women who serve that community.

South Fork Fire Rescue currently has a higher percentage of women members than the national average of 4%, with 33% of the membership being women. These ladies have skills and years of experience, from Advanced Life Support Providers with over 15 years of experience to our newest probationary member who joined one month ago, who is looking forward to attaining her Type 2 Wildland Certification soon.

The women of South Fork Fire Rescue are proud to serve their community right beside their male counterparts. Positive team dynamics and interaction are goals SFFR strive to reach daily, with gender division not evident within the organization. The eight women members offer several levels of diversity, training and experience to the department; five members are EMTs, three of those five are EMT-Intermediates who are trained ALS providers.

Four of the female members are Type 2 Wildland firefighters, two female members have their Type 1 Structure fire certification. Two female members are CPR instructors and one is an EMS instructor.

Within the membership are two trained Public Information Officers, and one Victim’s Advocate. One of the female members works at Rio Grande Hospital as a Registered Nurse, and the newest female probationary member was honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps.

On top of serving their community, six of these strong women are also great mothers and homemakers. The women of our service are an example to those in our community, especially our children that if something lights their heart on fire, they should pursue that passion, no matter what history says is the norm.

The men and women of SFFR interact on the same level, all members always have other members' safety and best interest at heart.


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