Gerald R. Jones Sr. “Jonsey” “Jerry”

Gerald R. Jones Sr. passed away shortly after his 83rd birthday with his family and friends in Cortez, Colorado.

Through the many choices and challenges in his life, Navy, family business carried through generations from his parents Robert and Maybelle Jones to his retirement and yes he was a sincere, kind loving, caring, respectful and respected man.

He is survived by his loving wife of 9 years and the many uncounted for being together.  Also two beautiful stepdaughters.  Shaniece Nicole Espinola (Helder), Austin, the little angel that is in heaven, Anessa, Alexia, Cortez, Colorado, who shared his laughter, love, compassion and pain.

Kiesha Rosite Pinkelt (Lufinus) Lil David, Aspen, Cienna, Tracen, Zeden, San Antonio, Tx… who would always be there for him, especially it being a 16 hour drive, it was love it was definitely shown.  But with the many choices and challenges he did choose was the transformation that we did make as I together to start our family in Cortez, Smart move. And in this, he was sincere, wise and very smart, man, never complained, maybe once or twice but not worth the mentioning.

Memories may not be many but what I do have are plentiful and forever in our hearts which may never be taken away along with my dignity of having to have and hold forever.

And if I had just one more day, I wouldn’t change anything but maybe to love him even more!

Rogers Mortuary of Alamosa was in charge of services.  If you would like to leave condolences or tributes for Valery or the family please visit Jerry’s obituary at