Nadine Dieckman

Nadine was born Feb. 28, 1934, in a country home near Leigh, Neb. After two sons, Duane and LaVern, a baby girl made the depression more tolerable for her parents Olie and Florence. Four years later, a second daughter, Bonnie, was born.

Nadine attended the small, rural, District 17-Praha Elementary School and went on to graduate from Schuyler High School. For a country girl, this diploma was earned on rather shaky ground, except, she excelled in business. So much so, that Kermit Wagner, of Wagner Mills in Schuyler, hired her while she was still in school.

It wasn’t long before wanderlust grabbed her. She moved to Denver and was employed by Continental Airlines as an executive secretary. Nadine loved this job — loved the free and reduced flying privileges. One of her favorite trips was to Alaska. She was ill prepared for the weather, but locals lent her boots and a coat, and she continued on with her adventure. Nadine also loved living so close to the mountains and spent much time hiking and camping.

Nadine married Frank Dieckman of Moffat, Colo., on Nov. 11, 1961, in Denver. They had two children, Troy and Renee.  Frank dragged her, loyal and uncomplaining, to the orchard country of Palisade where they lived on an orchard in a fixer upper with an indoor hand pump and an outhouse. They then lived in a converted school bus traveling around and in the mountains for a time. Finally, they landed in the beautiful San Luis Valley. They lived in yet another fixer upper in Mosca until the children graduated high school. Nadine then moved to Monte Vista where she created a nice comfortable home that she loved.

Frank and Nadine tried their hands at several endeavors, orchard operators, trail ride guides, sign painters, etc. until they purchased a flower shop in 1977. Much to her surprise, Nadine took a nearly empty, struggling store and turned it into a successful, beautiful floral and gift shop, Nadine’s Flowers and Gifts. When she retired 23 years later, she left behind an unbelievably talented and devoted staff whom she loved and admired.

In Nadine’s own words, “after 21 years of marriage, Frank got itchy feet or maybe it was a midlife crisis. We divorced and he went away. And actually, we could say — I lived happily ever after.”

After her retirement from the flower shop, she took a summer, stipend-pay, work experience at a Yellowstone gift shop. She worked there for 3 years and came to love her coworkers. She loved exploring Yellowstone’s beauty and spoke of that adventure for the rest of her life.

Nadine was the mother of Troy and Renee, who she enjoyed immensely and who supported her emotionally. Renee married Perry Hazard, a rancher from Saguache. Nadine loved and respected her son-in-law as well as her four grandchildren. Megan, Will, Ben and Kait were the joy of her life. 

She could be seen wrestling, reading, painting, hiking, having picnics, and so much more with all of them. She and several other grandparents made up the cheering section at school sports and activities. Nadine could be seen smiling, laughing, and cheering on both sides, as everyone needs some encouragement. She rarely missed anything the grandkids were doing. When Kait was in high school, she coached youth basketball. When asked why Nadine went to all of her games even though Kait didn’t play, Nadine said, “if I don’t go, then it’s over.” 

She never wanted any of her time with her grandkids to be over. She followed their lives on a huge map on her dining room table. She would say, “it’s like I can be with them along their way.” She helped to shape each of them into the people they are today.

Nadine had hidden plans we just recently found. They included, running with the bulls at Paloma, climbing breathlessly up a beautiful mountain, though I think she did this throughout her life, and walking the Appalachia Trail. She may not have accomplished all of those plans but there were so many she did.

Nadine could, among other things, paint a house inside and out, drywall, tape, and texture, letter truck emblems, operate an orchard, embroider, make beautiful quilts, ride a horse, make blankets, sing solo at a wedding, sing lead in a barber shop chorus, play the piano and pump organ for church and pleasure, sing in the church choir, scrapbook, run a tractor, rake hay, play cards, do paper quilling, make miniature houses. Everything she pursued, she did so with excellence.

Nadine was a sign painter, the owner of 18 horses, a trail boss, pilot and navigator, a delivery person, a volunteer, a good cook and baker, a florist and an excellent gift buyer, an executive secretary, and a business owner.

She spent her first 18 years on the plains of eastern Nebraska where she lived and grew. She realized how beautiful that country is — so green, so lovely, sometimes so lush. But, oh the mountains, her heart was there. She lived the rest of her life surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. She was sure anywhere she was; she’d find the beauty.

More than anything, Nadine loved her family. 

Nadine Florence Clausen Dieckman died on Friday, June 20, 2024, at the age of 90.

Nadine is survived by her brother Lavern Clausen, sister Bonnie Converse, sister-in-law Pat Clausen, son Troy Dieckman, daughter and son-in-law Renee and Perry Hazard, and her beloved grandchildren Megan and Matt Varoz, Senior Master Sergeant Will and Dr. Linh Hazard, Ben and Dr. Kaeli Hazard, Professor Kait and Zach Cureton-Hazard.

She was preceded in death by her parents Olie and Florence (Glandt) Clausen, her brother Duane Clausen, sister-in-law Alma Clausen, brother-in-law Robert Converse, and great-nephew Robert Clausen.

The older Nadine became the more she realized trying to grow old gracefully was harder than she thought it could be and the more she realized she had no desire for drama or conflict. She just wanted a cozy home, good food, and to be surrounded by lovely people who made her happy.

Her wish was for us to be giddy, silly, and to have fun.

There will be a celebration of life on Monday, July 22, at 10 a.m. at Living Water Bible Fellowship, 2910 Clark St., Alamosa, Colo. 

In lieu of any gift, please consider donating to the Mosca-Hooper Volunteer Fire Department at 5235 N Hwy 17, Mosca, CO 81146

Arrangements have been made through Rogers Family Mortuary.  To leave online remarks, condolence, and words of comfort for Nadine’s family, please visit